A new option for Unsubscribers

Oracle say subscribers may welcome an option to pause emails for a while —instead of unsubscribing— and when clients tried this, 82 out of every 100 unsubscribes selected the pause option instead. 

Unsubscribes sting, no question about it.

But email marketers can misjudge what this means.

It's not always about ending a relationship.

Perhaps the brand sends more often than expected, or the subscriber wants a break.

Whatever the reason, pausing emails beats an unsubscribe, hands down. 

PS Approaching a holiday is a good time to tell subscribers about the pause emails option, especially if you plan to increase frequency.

Pause emails are included in the Sensorpro Preference center tool.  

Scroll down to set up Pause emails for your Sensorpro account.


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Set up Pause emails

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